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Our Mission

The Peace Department’s Mission Is To Catalyze Peace Through Sustainable Development

Our Vision

We envision a world where the most pressing crises of our time – from armed conflict to climate change to resource scarcity – are mitigated through the tightly choreographed deployment of place-based sustainable solutions that empower local communities and seed lasting peace. 

Our Approach

Pulling from deep networks across the realms of business, philanthropy, public policy, science, social change, and faith, The Peace Department uses systems thinking and comprehensive design to mobilize powerful actors and entities towards a sustainable and omni-considerate future.

How We Work

Catalyst for Change

We organize and respond quickly to crises and opportunities, identifying unique leverage points and providing catalytic capital to sustainability projects that align with our mission.


We bring together best-in-class experts, innovators, and faith and local leaders to learn from each other, triangulate issues, and collaborate on place-based solutions to uplift communities in crisis.

Coordinator of SDG-Augmenting Solutions

Working through our coalitions and partnerships, we initiate hyper-coordinated and place-based solutions that advance the maximum number of SDGs and empower local communities to become green, stable, and self-sustaining.

Strategic Advisory Services

In cooperation with and leveraging our institutional, geopolitical, corporate, and not-for-profit networks and partnerships, The Peace Department has consulted on multiple strategy documents geared towards addressing major global crises, from the war in Ukraine and subsequent global food supply shocks, to energy efficiency and humanitarian response in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.