Solar for Bedouin Schools
Partner: Gigawatt Global
Negev, Israel, June 2022-2024
Budget: $75,000

A historic opportunity to implement a catalytic pilot in a kindergarten to generate solar power to replace a diesel-powered, polluting generator that is also poisoning 120 pre-schoolers. The generator is located in the Negev in the low-income, unrecognized Bedouin Arab village of El’rara. A pilot is executed within 120 days, which unlocks funding by the Israeli Government across 26 additional schools that will serve approximately 10,000 school children. We worked to pass a government decision, which appropriated funds that could be utilized primarily for scaling this program once it is proven.

Success in the kindergarten will strengthen ties and mutual trust between the Jewish and Bedouin communities and with the Israeli government, thus opening the door for further peace-building, and sustainable socio-economic development endeavors.