Annual Climate & Conflict
Partner: Foundation House
Greenwich, Sept 2022, 2023
Budget: $3,000

On September 25th, 2022, The Peace Department hosted a Climate & Conflict Convening at Foundation House in Greenwich CT, with 40 distinguished attendees and 8 expert panelists. The event focused on designing and operationalizing sustainable development toward solving climate-driven humanitarian conflict, and featured two panels and a breakout session, bringing together diverse, cross-sectoral subject matter experts toward global goals of preservation, justice, and peace. The first panel, “Climate & Conflict: The State of the Problem,” examined current climate-driven humanitarian conflict, with subject matter experts speaking to three geographical “use cases” where these effects are already felt at the level of catastrophe – India/Pakistan, the MENA region, and several locations in sub-Saharan Africa. The second panel, “Solutions for People & Planet,” called upon subject matter expert panelists in three major areas of sustainable solutions and development – water management, food security, and renewable energy. We thank Satya Tripathi, Harry Keatts Chenault Jr., Ph.D., Ameya Kilara, Nazanine Moshiri, Dr. Martin Wainstein Ph.D., Yosef Abramowitz, Brian V. Iversen, and Mona Hamdy for sharing their expertise. Our distinguished attendees included scholars, impact investors, non-governmental organizations, family offices, and other experts in the climate space. We are happy to have received a wide range of commitments from our participants resulting in potential collaborations.